GoGoose Origin Story – How the Goose Hatched

Here is the origin story of the GoGoose brand.

While in the early stages of this unprecedented global COVID-19 crisis, it was clear that some companies needed to change and adapt some of their business models. As local laws and regulations changed and social distancing became more of an everyday occurrence, it was becoming increasingly difficult to get out of our houses and purchase groceries, medications, foods from restaurants, and other everyday items. It was clear that we as a township needed a delivery service. During this time of adaptation, GoGoose Delivery and then GoGoose Shop were created.

As a veteran owned company we started out by offering free delivery services to our local veterans from one of our most popular Main Street restaurants (which we continue to do). The idea behind this was to drive some business into an establishment that had always supported our veteran events, while also being able to offer our veterans some sense of normalcy and comfort food in a time of uncertainly. News spread very quickly by word-of-mouth that we were voluntarily delivering food, groceries and medications in Boquete, and thus we had to expand ourselves. Within the first three weeks of our delivering system, we ourselves, had to adapt our volunteer model into more of a business because it was quite obvious that we, as a township, were severely hurting in the delivery and online shopping comforts that many other areas around the world enjoy, and from that Golden Goose Egg, hatched the GoGoose brand that you trust today.

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