GoGoose Safety Protocols for COVID-19

  • When outside of your house use, always wear a mask or at least a clean piece of cloth over your mouth.
  • If possible, wear glasses (sunglasses are a good option if you don’t wear normal glasses) 
  • Refrain from touching your face. Wearing a mask will help a lot
  • When sneezing or coughing do so into your creased elbow. Never your hands.
  • Don’t over apply hand sanitizers, they will dry out your skin and can cause soreness/open wounds. Open wounds make it easier to get infected.
  • Don’t touch things that you don’t need to touch.
  • Wear gloves and don’t forget to regularly apply sanitizers to them.
  • Wearing gloves will help remind you to not touch anything unnecessarily.
  • When coming home, take your time washing your hands. Don’t forget your fingernails. 

When You Receive a Delivery as a customer

  1. Tell the delivery person to leave the bag with deliveries on the ground and let him step back before approaching and retrieving it.
  2. Pick up the bags/boxes on the sides, where it was less likely to have been touched and carry it into your house.
  3. Have a staging area for deliveries in your house.
  4. Properly open and clean items before putting them away and discard the transport items (bags, boxes, etc…).
  5. If using a reusable bag, put it in the clothes washer.
  6. Immediately discard the bags in a safe container, preferably a garbage can with a closing lid. 
  7. If you have to pay them in cash, do so by placing the money on the ground in a plastic bag with something heavy on top in case of wind. Then step back 2 meters and let them pick it up.
  8. Try to pay in exact change. 
  9. If you do not have exact change, coordinate with the delivery person before the delivery so they can have the correct change for you. 
  10. Wipe off the products with alcohol and wash your hands when you are finished handling un-sanitized products.

When we Shop or Pick-up something for someone else

  1. We sanitize our gloved hands before touching any products within a store.
  2. We confirm all items with the customer by sending them a photo (if neccessary), ESPECIALLY  if it is of medical pick-up.
  3. At checkout, we ask for disposable bags that our client can trash after receiving the products, or we buy the reusable bags.
  4. We try to not unnecessarily touch the products or the bags.
  5. We transport the bags in a safe area of our vehicles. Preferably, we put them in the trunk, or at a minimum, we put the items behind us in order to mitigate contaminating anything with our breath going forward. 
  6. After ringing or knocking at the door, we leave the bag on the ground and take some steps back to a minimum of 2 meters. 
  7. If we are receiving cash we ask the customer to leave it on the ground in a plastic sandwich bag and step back 2 meters. 
  8. We leave your change there in a plastic bag as well, if you want.
  9. If windy put a rock on top so that it won’t blow it away.
  10. Both parties should sanitize our hands after exchanging money. 
  11. To protect your hands from too much sanitizing, wear gloves or have a bag ready where people can drop in the money so that you don’t need to touch it
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